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Water Tanks in Auckland

About three fourths of the planet is made of water—but not all of it is suitable for use. The water in the seas and oceans, for example, cannot be used as drinking water. Little of it can be utilised for industrial purposes as well, including for farms that need water for irrigation systems.

Wise farm owners can combat this problem by harvesting what little rainwater they receive with the help of water tanks. These tanks offer a range of benefits:
  • It helps save water. The water usage of farms is huge, and water bills can be expensive. In fact, water costs are expected to rise in the future. With water tanks, you can reduce your water usage in crop spraying, irrigation, machinery washing, humidification and more.
  • It helps you meet environmental initiatives. Using rainwater that falls on your rural property can save you tons of money. It can also reduce the amount of contaminated runoff entering streams and rivers, as well as reduce the needed storage for slurry.
  • It can help with livestock feeding. Many believe that harvested rainwater from water tanks cannot be used for livestock feeding. With the right filters in place, however, rainwater can be safe for livestock feeding.
High Quality Water Tanks Auckland wide from Farm Force

At Farm Force, we offer a range of water tanks for agricultural applications, including for livestock feeders and planters. We also offer water tanks that allow for water insulation. And because we understand that a high quality water tank is integral to the value of your farm and rural property, we make sure all the water tanks we stock are made from high quality materials.

Apart from tanks, we also offer a range of other rural farm products and services, including the following:
  • Electric fencing
  • 7-wire posted batten
  • Strainers and stays
  • Gates
  • Post and rail fencing
  • Chain fencing
  • Yards
Call us today—we are looking forward to sharing our solutions with you!
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