Sturdy rural service specialists you can count on in Auckland and Waikato

Matching your application and budget

Servicing the Auckland & Waikato area, we encourage you to get in contact with us so we can speak with you in more detail. Farm Force is the company to call when you need rural farm services. We offer a wide variety of farming solutions, from various fencing services to installation of gates, water tanks and troughs. We also provide residential services that include pool fencing, driveways, paths and tree removals.

As the trusted rural service specialists in Auckland, we deliver quality solutions using our skilled and friendly workers. Through our dedication to quality workmanship and reliable agricultural solutions, you will be confident you’re receiving services that suit your unique rural farm needs. Here are some of the services you can get from Farm Force.

Electric fencing

We can add an electric wire system to new or existing fence lines, coming to your property for an assessment. You can rest assured  that our electric fencing is stock proof.

Wire and batten

Batten and wire fences usually consist of seven or eight wires, using 2.5mm hi-tensile. The posts can be number one or two, which relates to the quality of finish. Posts are usually spaced at 4.5m with five battens per space.

Other wire options include the use of number eight soft wire, usually for equestrian facilities.

Strainers and stays

Strainers are larger fence posts, which provide anchoring points and extra strength for your fence. 


Farm Force can install any type of gate & make aby wooden gate that suits your needs. We can also relocate and or re-swing existing gates.

Post and rail fencing

Post and rail fencing is a popular option for lifestyle blocks and equestrian facilities, often used for driveways, road frontages and tree surrounds. 

Chain fencing

Offering transparent design, chain fencing is suitable for boundary separation, pet enclosures and animal compounds.

Bollards and yards

We can provide council standard timber bollards. These are slant top with 60 degree cut, 400mm high with 800mm embedment, with concrete mowing strips optional.
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